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Trying not to relapse trying not to relapse trying not to relapse don’t want the scars don’t want the scars don’t want the scars….but it’s so tempting



thebutterflysgr ave:

am I sick from anxiety or am I actually physically ill? a memoir by me

am i lazy or horribly depressed: the sequel

does everyone hate me or am I just very insecure: the completion of the trilogy





if every mistake you’ve made was written in a book, would you read it?

Mine would be a 5 book trilogy with books as big as Harry Potter


””“5 book trilogy”“”“

"Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion."

- Simon Sinek (via ruedamour)

(Source: psych-facts)


gps: *says something*
everyone in car: *mocks gps pronunciation*


y’all are like “ooh everyone is beautiful” “ooh everyone deserves to feel hot” and then three seconds later you’re making fun of people who cover their acne with makeup and people who haven’t mastered winged eyeliner yet like grow the hell up you don’t get to pick and choose times to be body positive